I believe that I have grown a lot since I started to develop my vocal skills, especially while studying music pedagogy at RTTEMA (http://www.rpiva.lv/index.php?language =en). However, I want to learn more. Both of my main character traits – ability to work hard and ambition – will help me to improve even more.


My goal is to become a professional singer-songwriter, performing on a regular basis all around the world. I recently started to work on my compositions but I want to improve this skill even more. My intention is to take different styles, i.e., jazz and rock, and fuse them into one, enriching the genre by utilizing various improvisations, rhythmical and digital effects. I also would like to continue to work as a teacher, training young singers and giving master classes.


Learning at school gives stable regime therefore helps to develop professional skills (vocal technique, improvisation, stage presence) way faster. As well as regular lessons given by experienced teachers widens the spectrum of ideas. At school I also want to develop my knowledge in composition, harmony and arrangement, and further develop my skills to play instruments such as piano, bass guitar and drums. Meaningful is a fact that learning at music education institution gives an access to get to know more talented musicians and even work together with them. I believe Codarts University for the Arts is the right place for me to do all of these things.


I learned about Codarts University for the Arts from the students and teachers that are already studying/teaching there and overall it made a good impression. I am looking forward to being able to learn from lecturers, enjoy all the classes and as well as to attend various workshops and perform on the stage.


In order to be prepared for the entry exams, I am working on my original songs, developing aural skills and improving my vocal technique, as well as consulting with different musicians (jazz and academic vocalists, classical music players) and teachers to widen spectrum of ideas. 


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