10:00 PM

On April 7th, at 10 p.m. a concert with Andris Jeziks on bass at "Teātra bārs" at Lāčplēša Str. 26, in Riga, Latvia.








5:00 PM

Small concert on March 4, at 5 p.m. with Boris Oud on bass at "Tegendraads Concept Store" opening at Goudse singel 206, Rotterdam.

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Monta Tupčijenko ir džeza/popa/roka dziedātāja, dziesmu autore un vokālā pasniedzēja no Latvijas, taču šobrīd dzīvo Roterdamā, Nīderlandē.



Monta Tupcijenko experience as a vocal coach started by giving countless private lessons ever since 2009 as well as working as a vocal teacher at the Valmiera Music School and Valmiera’s Youth Center “Vinda” in Valmiera, Latvia.


Her musical eduacation is based on a bachelor's degree in jazz and popular music pedagogy. She also has been coached by internationally acclaimed artists such as Dominique Eade (USA), Joey Blake(USA) etc. and very important part of her education takes Estill Vocal Technique.


Monta Tupcijenko offers private vocal lessons in various genres (jazz, pop, rock) for any age and every level of musical education. Lessons can be taught in English, Russian or Latvian and take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (occasinally in Riga or Valmiera, Latvia).

During the classes the work is based on breathing and warming-up exercises as well as developing each individual's voice color spectrum. Lessons include building up a repertiore by learning songs, their stylistic nuances and enriching them with creative arrangements.

Monta Tupcijenko also offers a deeper insight into music theory and piano.


Monta Tupcijenko





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